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Have the most intense sexual experience of your life...alone or with your partner... all through the POWER OF YOUR MIND!

Hypnogasm Torrent Erotic Hypnosis Torrent Pleasure MP3

Hypnogasm Studios leads the industry in Erotic Self-Hypnosis products. Don't accept impostors- our series of trance-inducing programs have been carefully crafted by psychologists, sex experts, and hypnotists to bring about the most intense, mind blowing orgasm you've ever experienced. For years, millions of people around the world have used hypnosis to change their lives. Whether they needed to lose weight, quit smoking, or just relieve stress, they all found success by unlocking the power of their own mind through hypnotic trance. Now that same incredible power has been brought to the world of sexual gratification, and is available to you, instantly!

Download in seconds...perfect for your laptop or iPod!

Hypnogasm products are digital audio programs developed by our staff of experts to awaken the deepest and most primitive zones of sexual arousal and pleasure in your brain. They combine the wisdom of the Kama Sutra with the control and explosive conclusion of tantric sex! Enjoy them on your own and learn things about your sexual core that you never knew existed. Or, enjoy them as a couple during love making to enhance the experience for both parties involved. Awaken your sexual core and find orgasm-enlightenment in less than an hour!

How it works...

1. Select the Hypnogasm audio program you're interested in: Men, Women, or Couples.
2. Once you have purchased your program, you will be able to download it immediately from the site.
3. When the download completes, you can play it from your computer or copy it to your iPod or any other digital music player.
4. Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down, relax, and start the program.
5. Empower your sexual core with hypnotic trance and have the most intense orgasm of your life!

Two Week 100% Money Back Guarantee!

If you aren't completely satisfied with your purchase, contact us within two weeks of your purchase date for a full refund!

Accept no imitations!