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Hypnogasm Studios

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this stuff really work?

While deep trance hypnosis (the kind you see on TV, where people are made to do crazy things) is only effective on about 25% of the population, the low-level trance techniques that we use have been found to be over 95% effective! Low level trance has been an agent of changing the way a brain works for ages. The natives called low level trance a spiritual journey, and to reach this inner place, the natives would to great lengths. They would go out alone, not eat and even go as far as inflicting bodily harm upon themselves, or taking drugs to reach this level of enlightenment. Many religions use prayer to reach a deep place within their subconscious, letting God be a catalyst to their inner self. The Buddhists reach this place by calming themselves, and meditating for long periods of time. In these modern times, science has found more effective ways to reach this place without religion, drugs, or self injury. Low-level trance is safe and proven effective- used to heal psychological wounds, change life-long habits, and in this case, enlighten and awaken new parts of your brain that respond to subliminal messages.

What if it doesn't work on me?

Simply contact us within 2 weeks of your purchase for a full refund. You can even keep the program you purchased! We urge you to try the program at least one more time if it doesn't work the first time. If you go in with an open mind, you'll get the best results. This guarantee is for the honest 99% that are naturally skeptical - the group you represent - not the 1% out to take advantage of the offer.

Are you going to take over my brain, or make me do crazy things?

Absolutely not. As mentioned above, the kind of hypnotic suggestion you're thinking of requires a deep hypnotic trance, as well as the full cooperation of the subject. Our programs will simply help relax you and put your mind in a state similar to dreaming. While your inhibitions will be lowered and your subconscious desires will be given a little room to play, you will remain in full control of your body at all times.

Can I use the program more than once?

Absolutely! There is no specific fantasy or experience built into the program, its power comes from your own mind. This means that your experience may be different each time you use the product! Maybe the new girl in the office caught your eye, or a handsome stranger on the subway. All of these things effect your subconscious on a daily basis, which in turn will change the Hypnogasm experience for you.

Can I burn it to CD, or put it on my portable music player?

Definitely. There is no DRM or other protection on the file you will download. It is a standard MP3 file that should play on any kind of digital music device. If you have the software to do so, feel free to burn it to CD for use on your home stereo.

Any other questions....
Just write us at contact@hypnogasmstudios.com and we'll be happy to answer any of your questions.