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Hypnogasm for Men

The Hypnogasm for Men digital audio program is a 30 minute erotic experience designed for a male listener. It consists of 3 parts:

1. Trance Induction - You will learn a key breathing pattern that makes the super-long orgasm experienced only through tantric sex possible. Then, our soothing female hypnotist will talk you down into a deep state of relaxation. This will lower your inhibitions and open your mind up for the experiences ahead.

2. The Main Program - This is where the magic happens! By connecting with a special part of your brain that relays messages to your sexual organs, you will be able to use the energies of your body and mind to become closer to your innermost ultimate fantasies than you've ever been before. Because the specific content is drawn from your own mind, your experience can be different every time you use the program!

3. Climax and Trance Reduction - Once you've experienced this new way your brain can work for you, you're likely to feel a type of pleasure throughout your body that you've never felt before. Hypnogasm helps you obtain longer, stronger, orgasms- the most deeply satisfying orgasms you've ever felt. You will slowly be woken from the trance, allowing your conscious mind to comfortably resume function and control. You should be left feeling energized, deeply relaxed and fully satisfied.

Hypnogasm Studios

For best results, this program should be used with headphones, with no outside noise or distractions, while comfortably reclined or lying down.

*Once you have listened to the program a few times, you will master this mental technique and be able to use it alone or with a partner time and time again! (Trust us, they'll thank you for giving them the best orgasm of their life!)

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